(2-00903) Level 3 Race Urethane Bushing Kit Z3/318ti AKG (Rear Axle)

$375.00 $375.00

Fulfillment Category: SPECIAL ORDER

Complete urethane bushing replacement kit for all Z3 and 318ti models. 

This kit includes every rear suspension bushing (except sway bar bushings) in addition to reinforcement plates for the shock mounts.

  • 75D 2 Piece Trailing Arm Bushings with Steel Sleeves (RTAB30D)
  • 95A Billet Rear Shock Mount Set (RSMP30)
  • 75D Differential Mount and Subframe Bushing Set (SFDSTIP)
  • 4.5mm Rear Shock Mount Reinforcement Plate Set (RSMR3036)

This kit is intended for race use.  A little harsh for daily street use but perfect for a track car when the rules do not allow for a full metal bushing. 

  • 1996-2002 Z3 (All)
  • 1995-1999 318ti