• (2-01001) Genuine BMW E85/E86 Z4 Strut Brace Kit

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    Simply the best strut bar available for the E85/E86 Z4 Coupes and Roadsters.  Not surprisingly, BMW covered all the bases with this kit.  Good looks, excellent function and features the aftermarket bars do not address.  

    Adding a strut bar serves to stiffen the chassis and improve the efficiency of the suspension connecting the strut towers.  Both Coupes and Roadsters benefit from the addition of a strut bar but the transformation is far more dramatic on the less stiff Roadster chassis.

    The E85 and E86 chassis have optional camber adjustment points at the strut mount mounting points.  This is good, it also means that any strut bar used with the E85 and E86 chassis must be adjustable length wise.  Any change in camber at the strut mount will shorten or lengthen the distance between the strut mount bolts (also the strut bar mounting points) and in turn require the strut bar to be longer or shorter to accommodate.  Note the elongated holes in the center section of this bar.  Those holes mirror the stock adjustability in the strut mounts.  Factory specs maintained.  Many of the aftermarket bars are fixed, they cannot be lengthened or shortened.  The factory camber adjustment cannot be used with a fixed aftermarket bar.

    Another little known advantage to the factory bar is the designed weakness in the end plates.  A well known disadvantage to a strut bar is they they can transfer damage from one strut tower to another in an accident.  The designed weakness in the factory end plates allows them to snap and break in the event of a hard impact, thus negating any damage a strut bar could transfer from one strut tower to another.  This is not something you will find in the aftermarket. 

    This 19 piece kit includes everything needed to complete install.  Install should take less than an hour and requires only a basic ratchet, extension and 13mm socket. 

    • 2003-2008 E85 & E86 Z4 (All)