• 2-01004 Genuine BMW E46 M3 Strut Brace Kit (51717895414)


    Genuine BMW front strut bar kit for the E46 3 Series chassis.

    There are other less expensive bars on the market but there are none as functional or well thought out as the factory bar.  This bar was standard on the E46 M3 lightweight.  It features a removable center section with slotted mounting holes that keep the factory camber adjustment functional.  The removable center section also makes for easy engine servicing without risking changes to the camber settings by unbolting the end plates.  Who wants to do an alignment because they changed their spark plugs?

    While strut bars work well to stiffen a chassis they can also transfer damage from one strut tower to another in a crash or hard impact.  BMW considered this and designed the end plates to break away if an impact is hard enough to transfer damage.  This not only preserves the chassis, it makes the rest of the strut bar reusable.

    We offer two version of this kit. 

    Street Car Version - This is the complete 25 piece kit that includes the 6 special shouldered mounting nuts for the end plates, 4 nuts for the center bar, the center bar, the end plates, 10 trim caps for the nuts and 2 ///M trim caps for the end plates. (Street Car Version Pictured).

    Track Car Version - This kit includes everything in the Street Car Version but for the 12 trim caps.  The 2 ///M trim caps do not generally fit with adjustable struts anyway.  It is everything needed to bolt the the bar on without any of the pieces that make it pretty that a track car does not need. 

    Both versions fit all 1999-2006 E46 3 Series models including the E46 M3.