(4-00885) Genuine BMW Locking Wheel Lug Set (36136786419)

$50.00 $38.94

Protect your expensive wheels with a set of Genuine BMW wheel locking studs.

This set of 4 lugs replaces one lug on each wheel.  To remove and install these lugs a unique key is required and included. 

BMW Part Number:   36136786419   (36 13 6 786 419)


  1. Keep the key code card in your owner's manual so a replacement key can be easily ordered if needed.
  2. Do not use with spacers.
  3. Do not use an impact of any type for removal and installation.  Impacts will easily damage the splines of the lock.

  • 1977-2006 3 Series (All)
  • 1996-2002 Z3 (All)
  • 2003-2016 Z4 (All)
  • 1984-2003 5 Series (All)