• (5-00516) Genuine BMW Motorsport Golf Ball Shift Knob (25118277905)


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    This is one of the more unique shift knobs BMW offers.  This BMW Motorsport shift knob is all business.  No fragile leather covering, no shift pattern, no fancy logos, no lights just a simple and functional grip promoting design that makes for confident shifting on the street or track.  This knob feels great with bare hands or driving gloves. 

    Unlike just about every other BMW knob, this knob has no fragile plastic mounting clips, it uses a very tight interference fit on the shift lever.  Once in place, it's very difficult to move. 

    BMW Part Number:   25118277905   (25 11 8 277 905)

    Fits nearly all manual BMW models.  Models with a one piece knob and boot combo will either require separating the stock knob from the boot and reusing the boot or the purchase of a stand alone shift boot.