(6-00020) New BMW Z3 Owners Starter Kit

$355.08 $338.33

Fulfillment Category: Available

We've noticed that a new Z3 owner often orders the same grouping of items in their first few months of ownership, so we combined those items into a "Z3 Owners Starter Kit".  It's a combination of common repair parts and accessories that you will likely need right away, or soon after getting your Z.  

Here's what's included in the package:

(1) Bentley BMW Z3 Hardcover Service Manual

(1) Seat Bushing Repair Kit

(1) Glove Box Sag Repair Brace

(1) Genuine BMW Magnetic Stone Guard Set

(1) Genuine BMW Hood Emblem, with Grommets

(1) OEM Bosch Windshield Wiper Set

(1) Genuine BMW Sport Aerial Rod (Stubby Antenna)

(1) Magnetic Engine Oil Drain Plug

(1) Genuine BMW Side Airbag Trim Tab Set - Left and Right (Must select Black or Beige)

- A selection of BimmerBum Stickers and Swag items

Most of these items are listed separately on our website, but if you would like us to assemble a custom package for your needs, please email us:  support@bimmerbum.com

FITS ALL Z3 and Z3M Roadsters and Coupes, 1996-2002