(1-00701) Level 1 (Stock) Front Brake Replacement Kit Z3, E36 & E46 323i

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Our Level 1 kit includes everything needed to replace and restore the front brake system to factory spec. 

  • Zimmerman Coat-Z Front Brake Rotors - German made zinc coated brake rotors fit, function and operate exactly like Genuine BMW parts.  The zinc coating prevents rust and keeps them looking new until they need replacing.
  • BOSCH Quiet Cast Brake Pad Set - Comparable to stock brake pads, the BOSCH Quiet cast pad offers excellent stopping and quiet function.
  • 2 Rotor Retaining Screws - These little screws keep the rotors in place when the wheels are not on the car.   They are often damaged when removed so it is good practice to replace them with new rotors.
  • OEM Pad Wear Sensor - Even if the pad wear warning light has not come on there is a good chance the plastic sensor will break when removed.
  • 1 Liter of DOT 4 ATE Brake Fluid - More than enough to completely bleed and flush the entire system.  


- 1993-1998 318i/is
- 1993-1995 325i/is
- 1996-1998 328i
- 1996-1999 328is
- 1998-1999 323is
- 4/1998-1999 318ti
- 1997-2000 Z3 2.8 Coupe & Roadster
- 1999-2000 Z3 2.3 Roadster
- 2001-2002 Z3 2.5i Roadster
- 2000 323ci (Coupe ONLY)
- 1999-2000 323i (Sedan ONLY)