Patrick Desmond, United States


Outstanding customer service! Eric and Nancy are fantastic. Send them your vin # and they will send you an itemized quote with recommendations based on your year and model. Great communication. Quick, reliable shipping. I highly recommend Bimmerbum for all your Z3/Z4 parts needs.

Tim A, United States


BimmerBum has been wonderful for me, both under old management and now the “new”. The Peck’s have been responsive to my needs and provided excellent advice that only decades of experience can provide. They have also provided wise consul on freight as well as installation. I can not say enough good things about this team, it is not just the cookies talking either.

Jay Parnes, United States


Why do I order my BMW, and in particular my Z4 parts, from BimmerBum? In these days of anonymous corporations with uncaring customer service, and internet sites rife with poor quality knock off parts, BimmerBum stands out. Eric is knee deep in the BMW Z car community as the former president of the ZSCCA. As a Z car owner like us, he has an in-depth knowledge of these cars and can accurately advise on high quality stock parts replacements, appropriate upgrades, and modifications only known to those who really know these cars. Good prices and fast shipping are a bonus. I like to support those who support our Z car community.

Chris Holliday, United States


I spent almost a year and a half accumulating the hundreds of parts large and small that I needed to swap the interior of my e46 Touring wagon from beige to two tone Dark Saddle/Black. While I worked with almost a dozen different suppliers, Bimmerbum was the only one that could do the 'deep dives' to find the most obscure interior trim items for a car over 20 years old, frequently when no other option existed to source the item! This made the Bimmerbum team a valuable partner in my project, not just another supplier for any project on my BMW's.
Chris Holliday2000 e46 Touring and 1999 M-Coupe

David Jamshid, United States


Let me start this review by stating that Bimmer Bum is not just another BMW parts online store, it’s much more than that. Sure, Bimmer Bum provides me with all the precise parts needed for my projects, but above that, they provide guidance and recommendations to achieve my goal. This potentially includes making a recommendation of a smaller purchase to achieve my goal as opposed to trying to upsell me. For example, I wanted to update the suspension of my 2002 automatic Non-M coupe. I instinctively went into looking at coilovers, adjustable suspension set-ups, etc. But ultimately, this was going to be a daily driver with minor spirited driving. Instead of selling me an expensive suspension setup, Bimmer Bum recommended an economical solution of Bilstein B4’s and using my existing springs. Literally saved me over $1,500 in parts if I would have just ordered what I thought I needed.
It’s always great to work with a company that truly knows their stuff, and Bimmer Bum certainly fits the bill. With their experience and know-how, they can provide the right tools, parts and advice to help you take on challenging projects yourself. This is not only empowering but can also save you money in the long run.
Bimmer Bum is an excellent choice for anyone looking to maintain or enhance their BMW, and I would highly recommend them without hesitation as they truly go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction and guidance.Owner of 1998 M Roadster, 1999 M Coupe, 1999 Non-M Coupe 2.8, and 2002 Non-M Coupe 3.0. All with parts supplied by Bimmer Bum; including cooling systems, suspension, and cosmetic bits and piece.

Don Nixon, United States


Over the years (15 and counting) that I have shopped for BMW parts online, I have used over 10 different vendors. Only one of them has ever offered and provided personal, customized service with near instantaneous response to questions. BimmerBum takes the time to make sure the parts you order match your driving style and expected use of the vehicle. BimmerBum also is the only vendor to provide preassembled shock and strut assemblies to ensure I didn't miss a critical small part or assemble those parts incorrectly. All that, and their prices are competitive with the competition too!

Mark Linde, United States - aka "MinnMark"



The best thing about BimmerBum is that they KNOW our cars, and know what we need when we need it. Sure, you can order parts right off the excellent website, but if you're refreshing your cooling system and aren't sure what to get, all you have to do is ask. Eric will set you up with every single thing you need and Nancy will make sure it gets to you as quickly and easily as possible. I've used BimmerBum for both of my BMWs (Yes, they do more than just Z's!) and have been treated like a personal friend every single time like they do for all their customers. The parts are top quality and come at a very competitive price, and the service can't be beat!

Eric Weiner, United States


BimmerBum made it easy when doing a big mechanical overhaul on my Z3, sending all of the parts in organized bags and boxes to make the work easy. Prices were fair and they were responsive to last minute changes and such. Even got a t shirt!

Cameron Bearder, United States


Words cannot convey my ongoing positive experience with Eric and Nancy at BimmerBum. As someone who had a general knowledge of a ZCoupe, BimmerBum has not only provided outstanding parts service at stellar prices, but there's also been a priceless education along the way. My appreciation for the car and the overall community has gone through the roof as a result of my relationship with BB, and surprisingly, it just continues to grow!!! Thank you, Eric and Nancy, for everything you've done, and continue to do!!!

Stephen Kent, United States


“BimmerBum has been a fantastic resource for all of my BMWs. Customer service is top notch and the best part is that Eric and Nancy are active ZSCCA members. They are here because they love the cars and want to help others keep their cars running well.”

Robb M, United States


Eric and Nancy are always my first choice when sourcing parts. They go above and beyond any of the big name competitors and are active in the car community putting in countless hours to support us with parts and events. I've used Bimmerbum for countless orders and when time is of the essence they've even hand dropped off shipments after the routine daily pick up to ensure that there was minimal delay which ultimately made it possible for me to make my commitments. Hands down my first pick to support when I need to source parts.

Irwin Block, United States


Bimmerbum makes it easy! They consistently provide me with the best quality parts available in the market at the best prices. They know our BMW Z cars! One call or email and done!

Bryan Salgado, United States


I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of parts for my own cars as well as other club members cars. I rely on Bimmerbum to get the correct parts, the first time, every time. They answer phone calls and emails promptly and work through custom orders proficiently. From OE replacement parts, to custom suspension systems and custom aftermarket parts bimmerbum is a one stop location for most of your needs and wants.

Ron Duncan, Ontario, Canada


My transactions with BimmerBum have been fantastic due to the personal touch of both Nancy & Eric. They are always available to discuss my requirements and provide knowledgeable expertise. Typically getting parts to Canada can be a challenge but BimmerBum has a handle on the requirements and provides trouble-free and cost-effective cross border shipping. Highly Recommended!