• (2-00671) E36/Z3 OEM Lemforder Tie Rod Assembly Replacement Kit

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    One of the complete solutions BimmerBum Co. is known for.  The tie rods are the last link in the steering input between the steering wheel and the wheels actually turning left and right.  Worn ball joints in the tie rods can at best cause sloppy steering and excessive tire wear, at worst it can be a safety issue.  Every time a tie rod is replaced in whole or part the car must be realigned.  Because of these reasons it is a false economy to do anything short of a complete replacement of the inner and outer tie rods along with the protective boot for the inner ball joints. 

    This is a complete kit for tie rod replacement on for all E36 models including the M3, 318ti and all Z3 variants.


    BMW P/N:  32 11 1 139 315
    BMW P/N:  32 11 1 139 316
    BMW P/N:  32 13 1 096 910    x2
    BMW P/N:  32 11 1 140 464    x2


    98 318i/is

    1995-1999 318ti
    1993-1995 325i/is
    1996-1999 328is
    1996-1998 328i
    1998-1999 323is
    1995-1999 M3
    1996-2002 Z3 Coupe & Roadster (All)
    1998-2002 M Coupe & M Roadster (All)