• (2-00941) AKG Rear Trailing Arm Camber & Toe Adjustement Kit Z3, 318ti & E30


    Fulfillment Category: Available

    From the factory the rear suspension of all E30 3 Series, Z3 based Coupes & Roadsters and all E36 318ti's has no provision for adjusting camber or toe.  Without the ability to adjust alignment settings, tire wear and handling can become an issue, especially on lowered vehicles. 

    This weld-in kit utilizes Genuine BMW hardware and laser cut precision CNC'd adjustment sliders.  These adjusters are located at the mounting points for the rear trailing arms on the subframe.  When installed, both camber and toe are adjustable allowing for the proper alignment of a lowered vehicle. 

    Professional installation is recommended.   RTTC30F

    • 1996-2002 Z3 Coupe & Roadster (All)
    • 1998-2002 Z3 M Coupe & M Roadster (All)
    • 1995-1999 318ti
    • 1984-1992 E30 3 Series (All)
    • 1989-1995 E34 5 Series (All)
    • 1984-1988 E28 5 Series (All)