• (4-00400) Genuine BMW Salmon Relay (12631742690)

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    The E89 Z4 utilizes a pair of these "Salmon Relays" in the top motor hydraulic actuator circuit. The current draw through the relays is heavy, which can cause the contacts to fuse.  If this happens, the top hydraulics may not stop running, which can burn out the motor.  Smart money says to replace both "Salmon Relays" every 3-4 years as a preventive measure. They are located in the trunk, right by the hydraulic motor - easy to change! 

    This relay is also used in a very long list of BMW's, often as a Secondary Air Pump Relay. If you have a question about application, please email us: support@bimmerbum.com

    BMW Part Number:  12631742690, 12-63-1-742-690, 12 63 1 742 690

    Choose "E89 Top Relay Kit (pair)" to get 2 relays. 

    Choose "Single Relay Only" for other applications.