• (4-01070) OEM BOSCH Wiper Blade Set Z3 Coupe & Roadster (61619070581)

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    OEM pair of wiper blades for all Z3 and Z3 based M Coupe & M Roadster models.  We prefer these over the less expensive inserts because these include both the insert and the spring.  The spring is what forces the blade to maintain constant contact over the curved windshield.  Keeping the spring fresh insures a clean wipe of the new blade. 

    BMW P/N:  61 61 9 070 581  (61619070581)   61-61-9-070-581

    • 1996-2002 Z3 Coupe & Roadster (All)
    • 1998-2002 M Coupe & M Roadster (All)