(5-00551) Genuine BMW Weighted Leather Short 6 Speed ///M ZHP Shift Knob (25117896886)

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Genuine BMW 6 speed shift knob.  The 'ZHP shift knob' is possibly THE most popular BMW shift knob ever.


  • Black Leather Surface
  • 6 Speed Insert with the ///M Logo
  • Short Height (Approx 1cm shorter than standard)
  • Weighted 
  • Not Lighted

This knob weighs approximately 12oz, roughly double the weight of a stock BMW shift knob.  The added weight and reduced improves shift feel and smooths shift throw.

Simple push on install.  Fits just about every manual BMW from 1980 on.

BMW Part Number:   25117896886   (25-11-7-896-886)