• (6-00100) Genuine BMW Z3 European Front Bumper License Plate Mounting Base (51118397512)

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    This is the "RIGHT" way to mount a European front vanity license plate to your Z3. 

    Before you buy- be aware of what's entailed in installing this frame.

    This part is designed for the European market.  The bolt pattern should match your bumper, but some fiitting may be necessary for a clean installation.

    To secure the plate to the base, you will need a plate frame which screws to the base -or- you can secure the plate directly to the mounting base without a frame using appropriate double-sided tape. If using a plate frame, you may find it useful to heat the frame and bend it to conform to the v-shape of the front bumper.

    - Please check the legality of using this product in your jurisdiction before purchasing.

    - Pictures of the base mounted with plate are provided to illustrate the look - the plate and frame are not included.

    We do not yet offer a European frame or the plates themselves, but you can find these pretty easily on several websites or using your favorite search engine.

    BMW Part Number:  51118397512, 51 11 8 397 512, 51-11-8-397-512

    Fits:  All Z3, 1996-2002

    DOES NOT FIT Z3M VARIANTS - this is a different part number- email us at: support@bimmerbum.com to order.

    Special Thanks to Cameron Bearder for the images of the installed product on his Z3 Coupe.