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(2-01161) Wheel Stud Conversion Kit for all Z3 6 Cylinder Models

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This 40 piece kit includes 20 black lug nuts, (10) 78mm wheel studs and (10) 86mm wheel studs.  The 78mm studs allow for use of up to a 12mm spacer in the front and the 86mm studs allow for use of up to a 25mm spacer in the rear.  We prefer wheel studs to extended lugs for several reasons. Wheel studs make mounting wheels much easier as you no longer have to fight to line up the holes on a spinning rotor to the holes on a spinning wheel. Ease of use when compared to extended lugs.  With extended lugs you must run the spacer that corresponds with the length of the stud.  This can get complicated (and potentially expensive) when you have different length lugs on the front and rear and all 4 wheels are off.  Especially if your car is in the hands of a shop that does not know better. Wheel studs allow you to run a spacer as wide as the lug length will permit or no spacer at all.  This allows you to change wheels, tire sizes and play with different spacer sizing without changing the lugs. The look.  The look of extended lugs is smiled upon by serious performance enthusiasts. Install is simple.  The head of each stud has a hex hole in it.  Add loctite to the threads and tighten each stud into the wheel hub to 25ft lbs then install the wheel and lug nuts to your standard torque spec, we use 90ft lbs.

Brand:  Motorsport Hardware

Z3 Spacer Sizing Recommendation: We have found that 6 cylinder Z3 models with stock sized wheel and tire combinations work well with a 10mm spacer set up front and a 15mm spacer set in the back.  This is a safe set up that we find does not rub any more than stock and provides a much more aggressive stance.  We try to avoid adding spacers to the rear alone as doing so enhances the Z3's natural tendency to understeer at the limit.  Keeping front and rear spacers close to the same size is ideal.


  • 1997-2002 Z3 (All except 1.9 Roadster)
  • 1998-2002 M Coupe & M Roadster

Most E-Chassis BMWs can benefit from this upgrade - contact us for specific fitment

(2-01161) Wheel Stud Conversion Kit for all Z3 6 Cylinder Models

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