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(3-00900) BMW E36 & Z3 M52/S52 Mechanical Fan Delete Kit

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This BimmerBum assembled kit offers assurance that your system can handle removing the belt driven clutch fan.

Spend enough time on Z3 forums or ZSCCA on Facebook and you will notice a pattern.  At least once a month someone posts about the mechanical fan in their Z3 coming apart.  When the mechanical fan lets go it can easily take components of the belt drive and cooling system with it.  In a few very unlucky cases the mechanical fan actually damaged the hood on its way out.

There is a solution.  Remove the mechanical fan. 

The M52 (single vanos) and S52 powered Z3's and E36 3 Series models function just fine when the mechanical fan is simply removed.  We prefer to take a few extra precautions to fortify the cooling system when deleting the mechanical fan.  We have had this kit installed on our E36 M3 project car without issue, even in traffic, with the air on, in the Florida heat.  Customers visiting the Desert southwest, with temperatures in the 120's report consistent coolant temps, even at long periods of stationary idling.

We have gathered real time water temperature while driving both with the mechanical fan and with this delete kit installed.  The peak temps are the same but, thanks to the Stewart Pump the cooling system is able to pull the water temp off peak quicker.

This kit includes:

  • EMP Stewart High Flow Water Pump -STE3030- 20% more flow than the stock water pump.  Metal impeller.  Upgraded seal and bearing.  More consistent cooling throughout the water jacket.
  • 88 Degree C Thermostat -11537511580- OEM Motorsport thermostat.  Lower temperature than stock on non-M Models..
  • Aluminum Thermostat Housing -11531722531- Replaces the failure prone factory plastic housing.  Comes with gasket.
  • Aluminum Water Pump Pulley -11511730554- The factory pulley is a composite material which will eventually crack and break causing the belt to come off and potentially damage other components and certainly making the car undrivable.  This stock sized aluminum pulley eliminates that issue.
  • Low Temperature Fan Switch -61318376440- This plug and play fan switch activates the electric auxiliary fan at a lower temperature.  This little part is at the core of the fan delete kit.
  • Conti-Tech Belt Set - 6pk-1555/5pk-906 -Direct OEM replacement belt set.  No sense in reinstalling your old belts after doing all this work!
  • OEM Rein Replacement Radiator Hoses -11531708499, 11531726344 - Direct OEM replacement hoses that fit perfectly. 


  • 1997-1998 Z3 2.8 Roadster
  • 1998-2000 Z3 M Coupe & M Roadster 
  • 1996-1999 328is
  • 1998-1999 323is
  • 1996-1998 328i

(3-00900) BMW E36 & Z3 M52/S52 Mechanical Fan Delete Kit

Was: $625.78
Now: $348.10
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