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(5-00777) BMW Throttle Cable Grommet/Bushing for E30, E36, Z3 (35411152331)

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This little grommet/bushing attaches to the end of your throttle cable where it attached to the pedal lever. Over time, these become worn and eventually they disintegrate.  Then the cable detaches from the pedal lever.

Scenario:   You're driving along minding your own business, when your gas pedal goes to the floor, and the engine drops to idle.  We've seen this repeatedly, and it's becoming an epidemic of sorts. We suggest you replace yours proactively and keep a spare in your glovebox to help out a friend in need.

BMW Part Number:   35411152331, 35 41 1 152 331, 35-41-1-152-331

Fitment includes:

  • Z3 and Z3M - All 1996-2000 (1.9, 2.5, 2.8, 3.2) Roadster and Coupe
  • E30 3-Series (All)
  • E36 3-Series (All)
  • E28 5-Series (All)
  • E34 5-Series (All)
  • E39 5-Series (All)
  • E24 6-Series (All)
  • E23 7-Series (All)
  • E32 7-Series (All)
  • E38 7-Series (All)
  • E31 8-Series (All)
  • Z1 Roadster (All)

(5-00777) BMW Throttle Cable Grommet/Bushing for E30, E36, Z3 (35411152331)

Was: $2.30
Now: $2.15