(2-01002) E36 X-Brace Nutsert Install Kit


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When installing the factory X-Brace on any E36 that is not fitted with threaded holes in the subframe nutserts must be installed.  This can be tricky but this kit makes it easy.  

  1. Slightly enlarge the existing holes in the subframe.
  2. Tap the nutsert tool (picture right) into the hole.
  3. Use the hex head of the bolt to keep it from turning while you turn the 13mm nut. 
  4. The nutsert will compress around the steel of the subframe. 
  5. Once completely compressed remove the bolt with the nut and washers from the nutsert.   
  6. Once all 6 nutserts are installed the X -Brace can be bolted on.

Includes 6 Genuine BMW nutserts fitted with install tools and 6 Genuine BMW bolts used to hold the X-Brace to the subframe once the nutserts are installed. 

  • 1993-1999 E36 3 Series (All)